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My name is Phil Wood and I have been in the domestic sewing machine business for 41years. My training began with Singer Co (UK) Ltd, back in 1966. My time with Singer was most enjoyable, however after 18 years service, the company sold off most of its retail outlets.
Long Row (Nottingham) where I was manager was one of the last to close.

My new shop opened in 1984 in the Main Centre at Derby as a Singer franchise. Two years after that I opened an independent sewing centre sill retaining Singer sewing machines called the Ilkeston Sewing Centre. We later changed our main sewing machine supplier to the Janome company, who are the largest domestic sewing machine manufacturer and have proven to be a great success to us. Janome Sewing Machines are synonymous with reliability and offer excellent value for money and we have now been supplying Janome machines for approximately 15 years.

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